PCIT Therapists - Want to share your experiences during a 20-30 minute interview?

Dear PCIT therapists,


My name is Becky Handman, and I'm a doctoral student at UC Davis Children's Hospital PCIT Training Center. I'm developing the PCIT App and I would love your help!


To make sure the PCIT App is the best it can be, I hope to interview you and learn about your experiences, challenges, and technology usage as a PCIT therapist. This knowledge will serve as the foundation of the PCIT App and shape the app's features and functions. Please read below to learn about the interview and how you could play a large role in the development of the PCIT App.

Many thanks,


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Interview overview

The interview is 20 to 30 minutes over the phone or Skype.

The interview is quite informal. During our time together I hope to get to know you better and learn about:

  • Your background as a PCIT therapist

  • How you use technology on the job

  • Challenges, obstacles, and frustrations in your work

  • Strategies and tips you've picked up along the way 

  • Past experiences and cases

​​Interview times are very flexible: morning, day, evening or night; weekdays or weekends - Whatever is best for your schedule.


​PCIT therapists of all levels, experiences, and backgrounds are invited to participate. Whether you're a PCIT pro or a PCIT newbie, a tech lover or a tech avoider, your input is important and I want to learn from you.

Some important things to know about the interview

The interview is audio-recorded, but only with your permission

If you agree to be recorded your interview will later be transcribed. What you share is ultra-important and transcription ensures that nothing is missed.

The interview is confidential and part of a research study

Everything we talk about is kept strictly between me (Becky Handman) and you. With your permission your anonymous data will be added to group data, where it will be synthesized, analyzed, and shared in presentations, publications, reports, and blog posts.

The interview topics and structure are flexible

We can discuss other topics or ideas that come up along the way, and you are free to skip any questions or end the interview at any time. It’s important that you feel comfortable during our time together.

How your interview contributes to the PCIT App

Your interview sets the stage for future surveys 

Your interview provides insight into what we need to know and ask more about. We can then pose these questions to a wide number of therapists in a survey to capture the kaleidoscope of experiences, opinions, and needs among PCIT therapists.

Here's why you're important

Your interview paves the path for future caregiver interviews

As a PCIT therapist you are an important stakeholder in the development of the PCIT App for therapists and caregivers. Interviewing you is a vital step before interviewing caregivers.

Your interview helps answer the important question - what do we most need the app to do and solve?

The knowledge you share about your experiences and obstacles will help ensure that the PCIT App is a useful tool which addresses real needs and challenges in the PCIT community. You are a crucial part of making the PCIT App a valuable tool for families and fellow therapists.

Questions? Contact Becky Handman at