What is going on in the development process?

To make sure we produce a high-quality app that contributes to a high-quality intervention we are laying the groundwork to ensure that the PCIT App is:

  • a tool you and your clients find useful and valuable

  • built on best practices and a solid research foundation

  • easy to use, engaging and fun


We are currently focused on better understanding your experiences as a PCIT therapist, as well as your needs and challenges. Check out Participate to learn more! 

Will the PCIT App be available for iPhone and Android?

That is the goal!  

Will the PCIT App be private/secure?

Privacy and security are extremely important. Safeguards will be in place to protect client information. 

Can I be involved?

Yes, please! You are an incredibly important stakeholder in the development of the PCIT App. Interested in helping the PCIT App? More info here!

How can I stay informed?

Let's be pals! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and leave us your email so we can send you the scoop!

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